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Friday, 24 September 2010

Saudi Arabia Rainforest Project

Phil Pauley has been travelling to Saudi Arabia for the past few years inline with its growing interest in renewable energy investment and an increase in Cultural Tourism and Education within The Kingdom.

Forget stereotype ideologies, Saudi Arabia is driving the region with a huge increase in inward investment towards sustainable infrastructure and is striving to increase their "green profile" globally.

The Saudi Biome project embraces all of the above, sustainable energy, cultural tourism and educational opportunities for the entire region. This will be a real rainforest environment in the desert!

If the plans are approved within the coming months partners will be selected to build the worlds largest undercover Biosphere created within one of the hottest and hostile environments in the world.

Phil's outline concept design incorporates a waterfall, aquarium, eating areas, a hotel, commercial and residential units, a shopping centre and a central viewing area and restaurant at the very top.


Sub Biosphere 2

The Sub Biosphere 2 has been featured on CNN, click here to see it.
From an early age Phil Pauley has been visualising marine habitat concepts. In 1997 his dissertation "Water, water everywhere" centered around a design for a self-sufficient marine habitat entitled Sub-Biosphere 2 inspired by the trails of the Biosphere 2 Project in the USA.

He has had letters of support from a wide range of governmental departments including the Prime Ministers Office, Global Corporations such as Virgin Management and international celebrities such as Sir David Attenborough.

His research into establishing a Global Marine Research Program through the implementation of a self-sustainable underwater habitat remains his passion and his ultimate life experience goal. His commitment to preserving life, sustainable design and environmental awareness is at the forefront of all his work.

For further information please contact
Visualisation by: Pauley Interactive

Bi Computing™ - Back to Back Computing

Bi Computing, the latest concept from concept designer Phil Pauley, with a Back to Back Monitor is the next generation of computer must haves. Not only is Bi Commuting designed for the home entertainment market but is also designed as a solution for best practice business policy. 

It provides the perfect platform for gamers, internet surfers, business applications or watching TV and movies all at the same time, in the same place. It's a computer system designed for multi-user application to reduce costs and energy consumption, increase production and reduce waste. For further information please contact

"Each of the two screens can, incidentally, be used to run from a separate source, which could mean the end of playing games versus watching TV fights in many a household up and down the land." (Times Online) 
Visualisation by: Pauley Interactive

Urban Tree Planter™

The Urban Tree Planter designed by Phil Pauley and developed by Pauley Interactive and Waterman Group PLC will help architects, developers and specifiers achieve a number of key sustainability goals in all kinds of developments. 

The Urban Tree Planter provides a solution to the modern urban environment, where space is restricted, planning permission is complex and hard to achieve, and greenery is becoming ever more important.

It is the first attempt at Standardising urban Tree installation and management where natural tree growth will be restricted due to underground services. For further information please contact

"A modular planting system that allows trees to be planted in difficult urban situations was launched at Ecobuild." (Horticulture Week)

Hydrostatic Turbines™

Hydrostatic Turbines™ are self sustainable electric power plants designed to operate underwater at depth.

The Turbines are situated in groups of "cells" and consist of the "Body" and the "Cap" which acts like a pump.

Electricity can be used on land through a connecting electrical umbilical cord or through retrieving the "Storage" cells.

Each unit acts like an electricity generating "spinning top", sustained by the continuous pumping action of the (handle) Cap.

Electricity is generated by the external atmospheric pressure on the Cap interacting with a system of magnets that turn a turbine repetitively.

Designed by Phil Pauley and visualised by Pauley Interactive, Hydrostatic Turbines will revolutionise the way the World produces sustainable electricity.

Halo Intersceptor - One Car - 360° Transportation™

Designed by Phil Pauley The Halo Intersceptor is a multi functional vehicle, based around one car that can couple with several vehicle attachments to form the basis of private air, sea and land travel. The next generation of super sports, leisure and business travel. A unique and cutting edge opportunity to experience the ultimate in multi-faceted transportation designed and developed for the most discerning independent traveler.

No need for superlatives, no hyperbole, just desire and good business sense... For further information please contact

"A Pauley Interactive creation, the Halo Intersceptor is the future of travel as we know it. Imagine being able to drive your car to the airport, fly it over water and land in a faraway island all in the same vehicle. " (Trend Hunter)

Thursday, 23 September 2010



Concept designer Phil Pauley(Pauley Interactive Company Director) has been invited back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to present his design for the Saudi Biome Project to the Ministry of Education and Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.

Working closely with the UKTI both in the UK and in the Middle East, Phil’s conceptual designs have sparked the interest of international news again. This is the first time a Conceptual Designer has been involved in designing a building before an Architectural Practice has been selected, and marks a new era in open source architectural design.

The project that promotes “bringing the rainforest to the desert” has been ear marked for a central location in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia and will encompass a hotel, residential units and retails space within a rainforest environment and a 200ft waterfall.

The design has posed a number of challenges including water management and heat regulation within a building 3 x larger than that of the Eden Project, Cornwall.

Following from his successes with the Sub-Biosphere 2 concept featured globally and on CNN’s The Big Idea, Pauley the young British Designer is starting to get recognition for his conceptual design work around the world.

Pauley Interactive are heavily involved in visualising and realising the Biome.
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Wednesday, 22 September 2010


riday 17th September saw Daytona International host the annual Property Prokart Challenge and 2010 was the 13th year at the Milton Keynes Circuit, where they house the infamous Formula 1 Pit Stop Challenge adding to the drama and excitement amongst the races.

The Property Industry Professionals geared themselves up during the 2 hour Qualifier, separating the men from the boys! to then fight it out over the 6 hour endurance race, which was run on Daytona’s new fleet of ProKarts which performed flawlessly on the day.

Holding their own with the hard hitting pro’s were the team at Pauley Interactive and in their first year participating, achieved a modest 25 seconds at the Pit Stop Challenge (18 seconds being the quickest) and coming an impressive 11th out of the 24 teams attending, after starting 18th.

A highlight during the year for the Property Moguls as a fun, friendly, competition and industry gathering enjoyed by all. Group team and individual images courtesy of the in-house photographer at Pauley Interactive, can be downloaded at