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Friday, 24 September 2010

Saudi Arabia Rainforest Project

Phil Pauley has been travelling to Saudi Arabia for the past few years inline with its growing interest in renewable energy investment and an increase in Cultural Tourism and Education within The Kingdom.

Forget stereotype ideologies, Saudi Arabia is driving the region with a huge increase in inward investment towards sustainable infrastructure and is striving to increase their "green profile" globally.

The Saudi Biome project embraces all of the above, sustainable energy, cultural tourism and educational opportunities for the entire region. This will be a real rainforest environment in the desert!

If the plans are approved within the coming months partners will be selected to build the worlds largest undercover Biosphere created within one of the hottest and hostile environments in the world.

Phil's outline concept design incorporates a waterfall, aquarium, eating areas, a hotel, commercial and residential units, a shopping centre and a central viewing area and restaurant at the very top.


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