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Monday, 1 August 2011

Diversify, but always inform your customers - latest innovations from

As companies expand and diversify they can grow beyond their original plans, developing new and exciting products and services in addition to their core products. This organic growth can mean that the new developments rapidly become an integral part of what the company does. Before you know it, this success means that you’re offering more services than you used to and your website no longer gives a full picture of all that's on offer.

Many people acknowledge that their website is their shop-front to the world. If it's not letting their customers know about the innovations then it's not working it's hardest for them. It's a disservice to the shareholders and employees by not advertising all that the company can offer. Customers can rarely guess where growth areas are and it's unlikely that they will bother to ask, which means that the company will miss out on valuable business. A good accurate website needs to have enough information to spark the customer's imagination and encourage them to make contact. has been established for precisely this reason, as a central hub from which our various divisions will operate inter- dependently. Our company has evolved into a number of highly specialised areas and the time has come to split the organisation into a divisional structure to fully explore and develop the unique features of each, and highlight the benefits they bring to our client base.

So the next time you click on you will see links to all of our other divisions: for design and innovation for concept design our dedicated Art, Travel, Culture and Life Style site

By focusing on the main site, we at believe that our online shop-front now accurately represents the extensive range of services and innovations we offer to our clients.