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Monday, 24 October 2011

PAULEY teams up with sustainability guru Phil Williams of Plan-It Eco

Exciting times in the office today as PAULEY joined forces with Phil Williams ( for an on-going research project into sustainability and visual communications.

Sustainability is a big growth area so it’s an exciting time for us. Especially to have someone of Phil’s experience on board.

Phil is an expert on sustainability and one of the UK’s leading speakers on how sustainability issues affect businesses.

He set up the company Plan-It Eco in 1997. Since then he has delivered thousands of workshops and organised hundreds of corporate and educational trips to the Amazon rainforest.

Together, we’ll be investigating the synergies between design and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We’ll research practical ways that firms can realise the value of CSR across their operations using design and visual communications.

We’re particularly keen to highlight how design-led innovation might lead to cost-savings, sustainability and revenue enhancement.

Phil has been recruited by local authorities and leading companies, including BP, WWF, Rotary International and the Welsh Assembly Government for Wales. We’re delighted to have the chance to use his expertise.

We’re sure it will mean lots of new initiatives and ideas to bring to our clients.

PAULEY has always been committed to promoting the benefits of design and innovation. It will be extremely interesting to investigate new ways of using that knowledge to help clients looking to improve their sustainability performance.

Well designed training and communications systems can not only save companies money but improve customer satisfaction and CSR performance too.