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Friday, 24 September 2010

Halo Intersceptor - One Car - 360° Transportation™

Designed by Phil Pauley The Halo Intersceptor is a multi functional vehicle, based around one car that can couple with several vehicle attachments to form the basis of private air, sea and land travel. The next generation of super sports, leisure and business travel. A unique and cutting edge opportunity to experience the ultimate in multi-faceted transportation designed and developed for the most discerning independent traveler.

No need for superlatives, no hyperbole, just desire and good business sense... For further information please contact

"A Pauley Interactive creation, the Halo Intersceptor is the future of travel as we know it. Imagine being able to drive your car to the airport, fly it over water and land in a faraway island all in the same vehicle. " (Trend Hunter)

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